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Rules of Fasting

  1. Fasting in Ramadan is obligatory on every sane, adult Muslim, male or female
  2. The time of fasting begins shortly before dawn and ends at sunset
  3. The way of fasting is to abstain from eating, drinking and sexual acts The following categories are exempt from the fasting obligation
    a.  Those who are sick
    b.  Those who are travelling a distance not less than 50 miles
    c.  Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding children
    d.  Women during their monthly menstruation period are not only exempted but are also forbidden to fast. The same applies to women in the period of post-natal discharge.
  4. Full exemption from fasting is granted to those who are permanently incapacitated by reason of old age or an incurable disease or uninterrupted hard labor. They, however, would substitute each day they cannot fast by feeding a poor person for one day or paying the cost of food sufficient to feed a poor person one day for each day missed.
  5. One must have the intention during the night to fast the following day of Ramadan.
  6. Fasting is invalidated if a person, during the fasting hours, deliberately eats, drinks, smokes, vomits, masturbates, commits sexual intercourse or lets an object pass through the through or any other natural opening. Fasting so invalidated should be made up after Ramadan.
  7. However, if he breaks his fasting by the commission of intercourse, a serious Kaffarah (atonement) applies. The atonement may be fulfilled by fasting sixty consecutive days or, if unable to do so, by feeding sixty poor persons for one day each.
  8. Fasting remains valid if an act breaking the fast should occur through compulsion or error or completely forgetting about fasting.
  9. Putting or pouring drops into the eye, taking injections in the veins or muscles, bathing or washing the body, cleaning the mouth and rinsing it with water (taking care not to swallow it), and applying perfumes or cosmetics during the fasting hours, do not break fasting.
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