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“I BEAR WITNESS THAT THERE IS NO DIETY BUT ALLAH, AND THAT MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER” The Shahadah is the declaration of faith to which each Muslim attests. Allah informs mankind that the Qur’an is the final message of the revealed religions to mankind. It emphasizes the importance of the clarity of creed in its being directed toward the worship of one God, Allah. One must believe that He is the Creator and He is the only One Who has the power to create. He emphasizes that He has no son, no father, no mother, no partner, and no assistant.”Say He is Allah, the One; Allah the Eternal, Absolute; He beggetteth not nor is He begotten; and there is no one like unto Him” (112:1-4)This type of clarification helps the human being understand his/her creed, which unifies his/her character. He/she will not be confused in his/her direction of worship, and he/she will not believe in idols, statues, or self-worship. This is why Islam prohibited the making of idols, buying or owning them so that people would not become superstitious. The creed of Islam is clear of secrecy, graven images, and any superstition.