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The Islamic Center of Washington D.C. Welcomes All To Come & Worship. The Islamic Center traces its origins to a need, more than fifty years ago. It was created to become a place where muslims in the Washington DC metropolitan area could perform basic religious duties and prayer. It was at the funeral of an eminent muslim that the void was felt most accutely. Muslim dignitaries present at the event set out to build a mosque. That basic cornerstone – the mosque – would through various stages of its development, evolve into what is now known as the Islamic Center. In spite of the many years that have passed, the basic mission has always been to serve as a place of worship for muslims – which is still deeply rooted to the core of the Center. In line with that mandate, the mosque is open to all. All are welcome to come and worship day and night, during the regular times of the mandatory prayers. The mosque opens 30 min. before the call to Fajr (dawn) prayer and is open until one hour after the Isha (final) prayer. Then all access to the Islamic Center is restricted until it reopens its doors for the regular business activities at 10am. The Islamic Center prohibits people to stay in the mosque after closing time. The mosque is a place of worship and sleeping there is strictly forbidden. For more information about the prayer times, please visit our page on Prayer Times.