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Shaha’da: More than 14,000 people have declared the Shaha’da and accepted the Islamic faith since the opening of the Center in 1957.

Free Education to Muslims and Non-Muslims: Teaching Arabic to adults and children. Giving seminars to those who newly embraced Islam. Lessons in Figh and Hadith Computer classes

Da’wah at the Center: Large groups of visitors from all around the United States come to the Center on a daily basis . The Center is registered as a historic building in the Nation’s Capital.

Printing: The Center prints different types of brochures and booklets. A total of 50,000 brochures (seven different kinds) are printed and distributed every year to new Muslims, visitors of the Center and those asking for information on Islam.

Multimedia: The Center sends cassettes and video tapes to teach Salat (prayer), Qu’ran and the principles of Islam to individuals, institutions and those who want to know about Islam.

Special Programs For The State Department: The Center provides special programs for the State Department Diplomats of the United States before they go to Islamic countries.

Lectures And Seminars: The Center receives many requests from universities, institutions, churches, schools, organizations and communities for lectures and we respond to their requests.

You may contact us through the form provided on the ‘Contact‘ page.  Insha’Allah we will get back to you shortly.