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Posted on 06/22/12 by Abdullah M Khouj

FASTING By Dr. Ahmad Younis[1]   The month of Ramadan is drawing near. In this article I will review some of the do’s and don’ts to show the health benefits of fasting. In researching the subject at the National Medical Library, I found a listing of over five thousand articles and one hundred and seven […]

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Importance of Believing in Allah alone

Posted on 05/31/12 by Abdullah M Khouj
There is no god but Allah

The Importance of Believing in Allah Alone By Dr. Abdullah M. Khouj The last few decades witnessed great advancements in technology and scientific progress which has prompted the question, “Why do we have to believe in a god anymore, especially that we have everything we need to help us care for ourselves and other things?” […]

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Depression: Some Islamic Guideliness

Posted on 04/17/12 by Abdullah M Khouj

Depression Some Islamic Guidelines By Dr. Abdullah M. Khouj*[1]   We often hear people discussing depression and how it has become an associated symptom of our age, partly due to our extended life expectancy and its general challenges. The purpose of this study is to explain the simple meaning of ordinary depression. Also explained are the […]

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Death and Life

Posted on 04/09/12 by Shuaib S Khan

The Reality of Human Life And The Certainty of Death written by Shuaib S Khan. In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious. “Know that the life of this world is nothing but play and pastime, and adornment, and boasting amongst yourselves, and the desire to surpass each other in wealth and […]

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Adoption: An Islamic Perspective

Posted on 02/29/12 by Abdullah M Khouj

Adoption: An Islamic Perspective By  Abdullah M. Khouj When we become distant from Allah, the Creator, we become distant from our own selves. Then we neglect our essential need; that is the spiritual. It means simply we do not follow His mandates and it follows that we will be deprived from His guidance. When this […]

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Patience in the Qur’an

Posted on 02/27/12 by Abdullah M Khouj

Patience in the Qur’an (Researched by: Hanan Muhammad- Abdullah) In the name of Allah The Beneficient The Merciful   Introduction: As Muslims many of us listen to the khutbas (Friday speeches) in our masajids every jummah prayer and hear the admonition from Allah SWT that one of the ways to the jannah (paradise) is Patience. […]

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Understanding the Meaning of The Basic Foundations of Islam

Posted on 02/13/12 by Abdullah M Khouj

Understanding the Meaning of The Basic Foundations of Islam   By Dr. Abdullah M. Khouj It is part of human nature that when we are introduced to something or hear about it, would like to know all about it at once. It is part of our nature also that it takes some time for us […]

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In Search Of Happiness

Posted on 02/02/12 by Abdullah M Khouj

IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS Abdullah M. Khouj, Director   We hear about happiness from our childhood and we know that it is connected with things that are pleasing to us. It is the opposite of misery. Even though happiness has global meaning, it means different things to differentpeople. It mainly depends on people’s background and […]

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Welcome Remarks

Posted on 01/22/12 by Abdullah M Khouj

As we advance in technology and especially in communication we realize how we can view what is taking place not only in one area but rather around the world. Lately many events that are taking place in the Islamic world moved many people to seek more knowledge about Islam, Muslims and the Muslim countries. Some […]

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